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Have you ever just looked around and felt like you have so much but you don’t have anything? There are so many distractions in our everyday life and sometimes you just want to get rid of all of them and get some zen. Material things in life have provided me with a lot of satisfaction but sometimes I feel like they distract me from the things that truly matter in life. There are tons of minimalistic wallpapers that I have used to get some satisfaction and enjoy the small things that matter like my family.

Minimalist Phone Wallpapers

You may have the best phone in the market with the latest apps and widgets but do you really feel happy? Does it bring you the satisfaction you seek? Truth be told, a great phone is awesome so need to dump it in the trash just yet! Get yourself some minimalistic wallpapers for your phone and experience the feeling of freedom every time you switch it on. A beautiful deep orange sky with the setting sun or a calm blue sea against the moonlight will bring you some peace and relaxation as you use your phone.

Minimalist Wallpapers 1920x1080

Try to focus on the smaller things in life. Did you know that just by looking at a picture with a 3 dimensional box is actually relaxing? Try to get some good quality 1920x1080 resolution images for your background. These are the best quality images I have used on my computer, iPad and smartphone; they are the most vibrant and real in my opinion. You could also get some cool 1920x1080 minimalistic wallpapers that have nourishing quotes about life and how to get the most out of it.

Minimalist Video Game Wallpapers

Whether you play on consoles, mobile devices or handhelds, you must admit that video games provide a source of relaxation that cannot be explained. Sometimes you just need a break to chill out and unwind. Game developers have created several games that focus more on simplicity and objective of the game rather than the complexity and visual characteristics of it. There are many minimalistic video games like Super Hexagon, Mirror’s Edge and Passage that want you to appreciate the simpler things in life. The best news about these games is that they come with cool minimalistic video game wallpapers so that even when you are not playing you still have that relaxing feeling every time you use your device.

Minimalist Anime Wallpapers

Be it an actor, author, video game character or personality, we all have that one or two or three people that we go crazy about; we are just major fans! Did you know that you can get anime wallpapers of your favorite characters from the internet? Amazing, right? And if you are like me and are more about the simpler things in life, there are tons of minimalistic anime wallpapers to choose from; abstract portraits of your fave actor or a thought provoking image of a personality in deep thought.