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In a world where one minute away from an electronic gadget, computer or mobile phone is extremely frustrating and possibly costly, nothing can help you relax like funny wallpapers. A funny background, including funny quotes, Halloween images, funny cars and craziest pictures and even funny spooky photos on your mobile gadget or computer can brighten up your dull day or that of a loved one.

Funny Wallpapers HD

Funny wallpapers on your computer or HD background can give you the ‘ump’ to work even on those cloudy days. The only thing is that the image or drawing should be something captivating, something radiant. The Higher Definition (HD) images have some life to them.

Sometimes there is really nothing else that can cheer you up. You don’t want to entertain the company of a friend because the volume of work you have is overwhelming, yet your fingers have started freezing and you don’t seem able to work to your usual speeds. Your brain has become cold and all your body joints are feeling exhausted. Laughter can fix your dire situation, laughter after all is said to be the best medicine, right? A funny wallpaper or background with dreamy quotes about everyday happenings, ironic statements about the present and the future, or humorous images of kids can get you laughing and give you back the composure and the right motivation to work.

Funny Desktop Wallpapers

Everyone working a hectic job that requires them to be on their desktop or laptop the whole day will agree that funny wallpapers can help you get through a hectic day. Your desktop can be your companion, your cheerleader and your reminder that you are not confined to your boring workspace. It’s not just about a boring day, in fact it’s more about the having something to go back to the funny wallpaper to cheer you up and laugh silly at than having a funny image to keep you from your boring day. A Peekaboo image or image of headless animal can switch your mind off to the comic world for a minute and help you relive the work tension.

Funny Animal Wallpapers

Did you know that animals have a sense of humor? Talented photographers can capture all the funny moments in an elephant or a monkeys life and all you have to do to get the funny picture as your wallpaper is to download it. You could have a funny pig walking on your background or to playful cats. There is a wide range of funny animal wallpapers to choose from. Choose your favorite animal and you will have a selection of funny wall papers with them.

Funny Cute Wallpapers

Your computer will get boring if it’s showing the same exact screen all the time. Having a funny wallpaper can spice up your desktop background and make you look forward to waking up your desktop or laptop any time of day or night. You can download a funny cute wallpaper of animals, little children or cute animation and have them entertain you though the day. You can even set up your background to change the wallpaper after a certain set time period.