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Wallpaper is nothing more than an image. It is used as a background image in a computer or in a mobile phone. It is used to decorate the background of a computer because a blank background does not look good. These wallpapers are used as a home screen. The best thing about wallpaper is that we can change it any time. Every person has their own choices, so we can use any wallpaper of our choice as home screen on our computer. Every computer has some default wallpapers and we do not need to use the default wallpaper, we can change them and set a new one of our own choice. There are so much of wallpapers available on internet for the computers. A user can select and download as much as he want and put it on the home screen of his computer. Wallpapers are available in wide range of varieties like natural wallpapers, sports wallpapers, animated wallpapers and many more. Even a photo captured from a camera can be used as wallpaper.

Wallpapers For Computer

A user wants a wallpaper to have a perfect screen size. Computers and laptops available in the market have different screen sizes, so a user would like to have a wallpaper of perfect screen size. The wallpaper should also have high resolution, high resolution means when we zoom wallpaper it should not blur and distort, it should keep its clearness and quality. The size of wallpaper depends on its pixel size.

Cool Computer Wallpapers

Nowadays, there are many wallpapers available on internet which do not have an image, it actually have a text written on it. The text can be a quote or an inspirational message, or an emotional message as well. The wallpaper can have a instructional message also. Some wallpapers have images and texts both, generally the text written is related to the image. This type of wallpapers looks very cool.

HD Computer Wallpapers

The resolution of wallpaper is based on its pixel size. More is the pixel size more is the resolution and more is the clarity of wallpaper. The wallpapers which have very high resolution and large size are referred as HD (high definition) wallpapers. HD wallpapers are high quality images. They do not get distorted and blurred on zooming, they keep their high quality. So everyone favours HD wallpaper.

Cute Computer Wallpapers

Cute computer wallpaper can be those wallpapers which have images of babies, or of pets like kittens or puppies. Cute wallpapers can also be love wallpapers having a heart shape and having a romantic image like a picture of a couple kissing each other and having a romantic quote written in it. Cute wallpapers look cuter when they are of high resolution. Wallpapers can also remind some old memories to someone, like natural wallpaper can remind someone about their trip to hill station. It can light up their mind; it can bring a smile on their face. So wallpaper can also affect a person.