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Cartoon wallpaper is nothing more than an image having cartoon or animated characters with some phrases. It can be used as a background image in a computer or in a mobile phone. It is used in a computer or in a laptop to make home screen interesting and attractive. Everyone in the world is familiar with cartoon characters. Everyone loves cartoon characters, no matter how old he is. Kids love cartoons more than anything else, cartoons are also famous among the youngsters as well. There are so much of animated wallpapers available on internet for the computers. A user can select and download as much as he want and put it on the home screen of his computer. Kids love to have cartoon wallpaper on the home screen of their desktop instead of that default wallpapers. You can find cartoon wallpapers in every kid’s desktop. The wallpaper should also have high resolution, high resolution means when we zoom wallpaper it should not blur and distort, it should keep its clearness and quality. The size of wallpaper depends on its pixel size. The cartoon wallpapers needs to be of very high resolution because they have so many colours in it.

Funniest Cartoon Wallpapers

Kids love watching cartoons. Generally, the cartoon characters are very funny, so the wallpapers would be funny as well. These kinds of wallpapers are loved by kids. The wallpapers can have characters fighting with each other, which looks funny. A short story can be conveyed through a cartoon wallpaper, this type of wallpaper can be very popular among the kids.

Cartoon Character Wallpapers

Cartoon wallpapers have images and texts both, generally the text written is related to the image. This type of articles looks very cool. a short and funny story or an inspirational story can be conveyed through the wallpaper by writing some dialogues or phrases of cartoon characters. The picture of a person can be made animated van be used in wallpaper.

Cool Cartoon Wallpapers

Cartoons are symbol of laughter and positivity. Cartoon characters are very colourful and cool. Their bright and shinning colours attract everyone. The bright colours of cartoons make an exciting, humorous and positive environment. Carton wallpapers also available in black and white colours, like the pencil sketches or line drawings which look really cool. These wallpapers can be very funny and have a serious look as well.

HD Cartoon Wallpapers

HD wallpapers are high quality images. The resolution of wallpaper is based on its pixel size. More is the pixel size more is the resolution and more is the clarity of wallpaper. The cartoon wallpaper must have very high resolution as they have a lot of bright and shining colours. The wallpapers which have very high resolution and large size are referred as HD (high definition) wallpapers. They do not get distorted and blurred on zooming, they keep their high quality. So everyone favours HD wallpaper. Cartoon wallpapers can be used as gaming wallpapers because they are also animated wallpapers.