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I am sure your hall of dreams, as I prefer to call it, has an Audi tucked somewhere in there. When you talk about elegance, inimitable design and top of the range performance then you are talking about an Audi. These cars are regarded as probably one of the best luxury vehicles in the world today. There are several models to choose from depending on your day to day needs. What’s even better is the amazingly wide selection of Audi wallpapers for your phone, iPad and computer. The geniuses at Audi did not go wrong when it came to defining class; their Audi wallpapers are to die for!

Audi iPhone Wallpapers

iTunes has a very wide collection of wallpapers to choose from and better yet, a wide list of categories to boot. Click on vehicles and further on Audi and get some of the sickest Audi wallpapers for your iPhone. Apple has made downloading of Audi wallpapers even easier by allowing third party apps to work seamlessly with their OS. If you have to dream then make sure it’s a big dream and let it scare you stiff; that Audi iPhone wallpaper will keep your dreams valid for days so get one today.

Audi S7 Wallpapers

Of course you could never settle on one Audi model that would be ridiculous since they are all so rad! But I am going to let you in on a little secret, my personal, all-time favorite is the Audi S7. Just think about it for a minute, when you combine an artful design with a ferocious acceleration and a thirst for performance, what do you get? An Audi S7! Get Audi S7 wallpapers and experience its long stretch exterior with aerodynamic adaptations, its model squad exhaust outlets that give it the speed it deserves and its bold LED taillights that leave a lasting impression.

Audi HD Wallpapers 1080p

It would be a great disservice to anyone viewing images of Audi cars in anything lower than high definition (HD) 1080 pixel. The only way to appreciate the outstanding design and intricacies of these cars is to view them in HD, you are assured of the best clarity if you do this. Audi HD wallpapers 1080p are available for download online and can be a great addition to your wallpaper inventory. Just make sure that you don’t let us Audi addicts down by selecting anything other than 1080p HD Audi wallpapers for your devices.

HD Audi R8 Wallpapers

One of my other personal favorites is the Audi R8 Coupe, this small packaged punch of power is exotic and explosively powerful. Did you know that it won the World Performance Award in 2016? Amazing, right? The Audi R8 boasts one of the best engines and classic designs in the market making it one of the best race cars available today. There are tons of awesome high definition (HD) Audi R8 wallpapers for your selections; if you are into rims and grilles then what are you waiting for, get a HD Audi R8 wallpaper now!