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Top 10 Girls Wallpapers


As a photography enthusiast, I love taking portraiture of girls. They have very unique features, that when projected in a camera, would give a very catchy capture. With girls, you can manipulate their lips, eyes/eyelashes to have that vivid shot of the face. It is in the eyes where the lights are caught by the camera. You can play with the way they would pose in the camera in various styles. Unlike with boys, the pose is limited. They don’t have the hair that can fly with the wind or the fingers that can be projected with an object. With girls, the colors that you can use are unlimited. While with boys, there are those colors that don’t fit the masculine aura. There are a lot of pictures of girls that can best say that they are not difficult subject. They are one of the best subjects in photography. They are better subject too in a domain dominated by boys like in sports photography or car photography. They give the theme a touch of uniqueness and rarity. Below are some of the girl’s pictures that can be used as poster, billboard, and wallpaper. They are used more often especially with the wallpapers.

There is something about candid shot that makes the picture looks real. It shows the natural side of the shot.

The eyes are where we get the emotions of the subject. Good eye capture shows different emotions according to the one looking at them.


It seems like a picture of someone who does not want to reveal herself. The picture says it all.

The picture is very vivid. It shows the rawness of the subject, colorless and true.

This picture looks dirty yet cool. The girl portraying a guy’s gesture with a masculine touch makes the image more appealing.

This is how Koreans usually do their photos. They always have this unique way of candid shot with a touch of youngster gestures.

The hair flying with the air. It makes the picture looks cool and free.

This is the hanky-panky photo. It shows a girl but the actual subject is the smoke.

Tattooed woman in an artistic pose. This shows the versatility of the woman in a different angle.

The face of the woman is more focused because of the white background. It gives more emphasis on the woman as the subject.

The pictures above clearly show different pictures in different moods and angles. The uniqueness of the shot can be seen by the way the subject projects. May it be black and white or colored, the important factor is the subject itself. The way the mood is set is based on the theme of the shoot. Candid shot definitely is one of the genuine kinds of shot as it gives you the real aura and mood, may it be happy or blue. The only challenge here is how well you can keep up to get that most-awaited candid gesture that you want to capture. All these pictures are exceptional in all its glamour and simplicity.

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