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Top 10 Desktop Wallpapers


There are certain things to keep in mind while selecting a desktop wallpaper. The first and foremost thing is that the picture selected should be one that you like to look at. And the next thing is that the picture should of high quality. Even if the picture looks good when viewed in a smaller dimension, it may not look so good when used as a wallpaper. 

There are numerous categories of wallpapers available on the internet for free. Choosing the right one is the one thing that you have to do. The range of categories is so wide that they range from cartoon figures to outer space images. This article shows 10 attractive desktop wallpapers chosen from different categories.

The picture shows a strand of DNA. As remainder of who we actually this will certainly be a success. 


Who doesn’t like to look at blooming flower? The answer would be no one. Hence this picture would perform exceptionally well as a wallpaper and would help the user to relax.

Under water life or in other words an unexplored world within our world. This again is something that would make us wonderstruck. There are numerous similar under water wallpapers and using these one after the other is certainly not a bad idea.

This one is out of this world. Yes literally this shows a galaxy. People who are interested in astronomy and other things related to other space, this picture is an ideal choice. 

This is a picture that shows a heaven right here on this earth. The mountains, the river and the forest together make the picture a visual treat. A person who constantly looks at pictures similar to this would want to visit such places, which is a very nice thing to do.

It is said that playing with infants is likely to help a person get relieved from stress. Looking a cute little baby also will have a positive effect. Hence this picture can become an effective desktop wallpaper.

The picture portraits the majestic appearance of a lion. Especially people who like pictures that are masculine would love to set this picture as their desktop wallpaper. 

This machine can help the user to understand how much we humans have developed. Also if the person is a lover of huge machinery, then this is an ideal choice.

The forms of art are as important as all other creations by mankind. And this picture that shows a painting is an excellent candidate for a very attractive desktop wallpaper.

A globe held in the hands of a person, shows that the fate of this earth is in our hands. The globe is so realistic that we actually look at the picture again and again. 

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