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Top 10 Anime Wallpapers For Anime Lovers


We all have a favorite animated character that we have always been fond of since childhood. As we grow up we become even more obsessed with our favorite character and try to find things that ay depict that particular superhero or character. Usually, this fondness starts with us watching an animated movie or an animated cartoon series and eventually we just can’t stop pondering over the characters. 

There is also a sort of liveliness and dynamism about animated characters and the attributes they have. Once we start associating ourselves with those traits, we enjoy the characters even more. For your love of your favorite animated character, we have enlisted top 10 anime wallpapers that you will surely love.

This wallpaper is for people who love the Japanese anime character of Tenmu Shinryussai. It is full of colors and depicts the very character is all its vigor.


This is one of our favorite animated wallpaper that says the line “The Hero Never Dies”. It is an all-time classic wallpaper for both, young and old. 

This is for people who live dark characters. It has a black background with an animated beige skeleton in the middle. 

This shows a young animated boy drinking coffee. It is as simplistic as it can be and looks really good with the combination of colors used.

This is a classic black and white picture of the character Bleach Kurosaki Ichigo with his peculiar looks and the fans of this character love the image.

If you are a Raganarok fan, this wallpaper is a must have. It shows the signature style of the character standing with her weapon in the hand.

You can’t escape this wallpaper is you are a Gundam fan. It shows the character in the right bottom corner with great combination of colors and other characters in the background as watermarks. 

This wallpaper shows all your favorite 8 characters in one picture in thin bands and all of them are in their classic style so you can’t miss any.

This shows the woman sitting alone by the corner of the sea in peace during hours of night. It has a peaceful feel to it and gives out very soulful vibes as part of the wallpaper.

The last in our top 10 anime wallpapers’ list is the soul eater. It shows the image of the soul eater in black and white. It has that gothic and dark feel to it that the character itself depicts. If you have seen the animated character of soul eater in its series, you can’t miss this one.

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