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The Love Of Nature


Amidst the busy lifestyle in a world that demands time and effort in order to survive, people always crave for something that will bring them back to homeostasis, where peace and balance can be achieved. And what else can give them this but the beauty and serene of nature. You will always see people excited for their holidays on a far away island where the beach is blue and the sand is white or somewhere where mountains are full of greens and wild bushes, or to a place where the sound of nature falls can be heard. There are a lot of options they can go to. But on those times that they can’t get enough time to go to such places, it brings them serenity and calm to watch the beauty of the nature through paintings, sketches and even wall papers. Most of the time people bring this nature into their phones or laptops through downloaded wallpapers from the Internet. This is for the sake of looking into something good and calming during times of stress and anxiety. Below are some of the top wallpapers that people commonly have on them handy.

The sunset signifies the end of the day and brings new beginning. The glory of the sun fades at the end of the day but it comes back to bring sunshine for another day to come. 

The drop of water gives an impact to the larger body of water. It shows a significant change in the water.


A strong rock foundation. It shows a very stable pillar of protection.

It shows the reflection of the mountains because of its clear waters. It signifies serenity and quietude.

The strong down fall of waters gives a strong impact. The strong current can surely uproot anything from below.

The big trees together give a soft contrast to the background. The shades under the trees with the greens are very re-assuring.

All green is soothing to the eyes. The trees and the green grass plus the rays of sunlight make the surroundings flourishing and blooming.

It thrives on its own everywhere without being cultivated. It survives with wild grass and gives color to the surroundings.

These pink roses give a soft glow. They are pleasing to the eyes and very inviting.

The road may seem leading nowhere. It gives the picture a good view of what is around it.

These are the top ten wallpapers that can be downloaded if one would want to see the beauty of the nature within reach. They are very soothing to the eyes and they have the capacity to take your imagination to that exact place where the pictures are. This is the best way to somehow escape from the hassle of the day and be placid for quite sometime. Nature has always its way to bring us back to equilibrium where we achieve calm and peace.

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