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Cute Animal Wallpapers


Animal lovers dream to have everything around them that make them think about their pets or other favorite animals. It is like an obsession and you will find most of their belongings to have animal pictures on them. This is more with dogs and cats lovers who also have these respective pets at home. From computer wallpapers to their mobile screens to paintings on their walls and even their pillow covers and mats have images that depict cute pictures of pets. 

For these animal lovers and generally for people who have a knack for good photography, we have compiled a list of top 10 animal wallpapers available on the internet that you will absolutely fall in love with. 

This is a close-up picture of a beautiful cat with blue eyes. We are sure that if you love cats, you will certainly admire this wallpaper that comes first on our list.


This wallpaper depicts a sunny day and an outdoor setting with a picture of an amazing looking lion in all its glory enjoying the breeze. People with high spirits and steady persistence will love this wallpaper.

This wallpaper depicts a close-up of the face of an owl looking straight into your eyes. The photography and the feel of this wallpaper is breathtaking.

This is a very cute image of a kitten sleeping on a toy cat. It is a must have for people who have a cat at their homes or who love to pet cats and especially kittens.

The wallpaper shows a big crab trying to get hold of a baby crabs with its pincer. The image is very detailed and is sure to leave you in awe. 

It shows the silhouette of an elephant in evening hours walking under the sun. The serenity and peace this wallpaper depicts is quite interesting.

This is one of our favorites where you will see silhouettes of two kangaroos jumping under the sun in evening hours. This is bound to give you a new motivation and energy whenever you set your eyes on it.

This is for all the Tiger lovers! It shows a close shot of a tiger with its unwavering and sharp eyes looking straight through the picture. 

This wallpaper shows a group of randomly scattered polar bears in winter in which all of them are busy in their own activities and can be seen enjoying the weather and their surroundings.

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