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Best Hd Widescreen Car Wallpapers


Since their invention the number of car enthusiasts has increased exponentially. Nowadays almost every one loves cars. And there are numerous categories of cars so that every one can find one that suits his needs and likes. Even if most people cannot afford high end cars, everyone loves looking at one. And setting car wallpaper to your computer’s home screen is an effective method to enjoy the cars you love even when you are working. In fact looking at cars help people who are car enthusiasts to relax and help them to escape from stress. 

When it comes to cars, there are people who simply love vintage cars. For such people, this wallpaper will be an excellent choice. A classic convertible coupe, in all its elegance and majesty is something that vintage car lovers cannot resist. 

"American muscle" as the mustang is referred to as among the car lovers, this muscular vehicle is indeed one of the most loved cars on the planet. This car is one of the favourites among people who love quarter mile races. 


This wallpaper is a portrait of a number of leaders in the category of fast cars. There is no better sight than seeing one’s favourite cars on the track and that too in single frame. This wallpaper is sure to change the outlook of the home screen. 

There is talking about cars and car lovers without speaking about the grand prix. And hence it would be unjust not to include a grand prix racing car in this list. This wallpaper shows a Chinese grand prix car in a snap from behind.

The Mercedes still remains the leaders among the luxury category of cars. They are also known for their super- fast cars as well. This picture of an AMG Mercedes SLS in the background of elegant columns indeed makes an excellent car wallpaper.

Every single car lover would also like to look at sporty car accessories as well. The picture of sporty and masculine alloy rims as in this picture is indeed a visual treat to those who love cars.

Bugatt one of the fastest beasts in business. It is a dream of almost every car enthusiast to drive a Bugatti. So setting a Bugatti Veyron as the wallpaper is not a bad option.

The off road specialist manufactured by jeep. This would be good choice to those who love adventures.

The mighty Hummer, another vehicle that cannot be avoided from this list whatsoever. 

An exciting vehicle from Nissan. Another super fast car that would exceptionally well as your computer’s wallpaper.

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